Service #1


This service is our basic service.  We work with you to take your idea to actual pre launch phase.  This means, we work with you to establish your business name, business licenses (if needed), and provide the proper resource to create your logo, create social media sites, and build your website.  We want to help those that have an idea but have no clue on what to do after the idea phase.

Service #2


This service is a step up.  You have the basic complete but not sure how to implement your business.  We take the time to work with you on creating social media marketing, identifying your target clients, creating your business resume, exploring your market research, and creating your business model.

Service #3


This service is where consultation becomes essential.  At this point you have  created the basic business requirements.  You have established your target market and your in business making some money.  At this level we will discuss where you are and where you are trying to go.  We will review the services you have in place and work to revamp or add to your existing services to provide more offers for your customers and allow for a larger profit margin for your business.